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Hi, I’m Joey. I’m an author, content creator & a boundaries coach. I specialize in helping women discover, establish and implement the necessary boundaries into their lives to protect their productivity, find balance and live a life that’s joyful by design.

Feel a bit like you’re losing yourself? Been there. Every time we begrudgingly agree to do something out of obligation, we trade an important piece of ourselves that makes us who we truly are. I help you to design a life that honors your values, protects your most important relationships, and allows you to be your truest self so you can experience joy each and every day. 

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The humbling discomfort of starting again

I fell out of a lot of habits this year. I don't quite know how it happened, really. It was gradual, I think. One day then another and suddenly we're here. I'm despondent and directionless and it's uncomfortable. Rising from a fall is much, much harder than I...

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Beauty in the Brokenness

I originally wrote this blog post in the spring of 2018. I finally feel brave enough today to share it with all of you. Be kind. And if you know someone struggling, I hope you feel inspired to reach out and encourage them. Okay, wait. Slow down. Tell me more about...

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