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One year later

I love that I have these blog posts. June 2016 was such a huge, pivotal month for me. I quit my job, turned 30, and launched a company. Every single thing in my life was a giant unknown. I was living on hopes and prayers, and a whole lot of faith.

That quote about wishing you would have started today? You know the one?

Yeah, that’s the one. It’s really hard in a regular moment to envision a your life a year from now. Right? I think so. Making a big change is effing scary. But I can vividly remember the moments that lead up to the big decision to try something different.

I was so painfully unhappy a year ago. I was stuck inside decisions that I didn’t feel prepared to make. When you graduate college at 21, you think you’re an adult. You think you’re capable and prepared. I was not capable. I was not prepared.

I immediately moved home. I took a job to take a job. Then I got married, moved away, and introduced impermanence into my life. And before I knew it, I woke up one morning inside a life that just didn’t feel like mine.

I wish I could tell you I felt brave and empowered a year ago. I didn’t. Instead, I felt fed up, scared, and completely unsure. The only thing I was certain of was that I couldn’t keep up the charade. If I had to live the rest of my life like that, what was the point?

I wish I could tell you I knew I’d be sitting here a year later, sipping on a cup of coffee the morning after celebrating my 31st birthday content. But there’s no way. I hoped for it. I had faith that it could happen. But I wasn’t sure. Hell no!

In all honesty, I didn’t even know what I was doing when I quit my job. And truthfully, I don’t recommend quitting your job without a plan (obviously). I had savings, a business in its infancy, and heck of a lot of faith. But I had an exit strategy, too. I just hoped I wouldn’t have to use it.

One year later, I am so so thankful I started “today.”

It’s a year later. My business is growing beyond our wildest dreams. My husband and I are starting the hunt for our permanent home. God has introduced people into my life I couldn’t live without.

I am thankful, friends. So, so very thankful. Whatever it is that you want? Go for it. It’ll be worth it. And if you fall flat on your face? (You might, a couple times. I did.) At least you’ll know.

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  1. Anna

    June 20, 2017 at 3:48 pm

    That’s fantastic!! I’ve been an on and off blog reader of yours through the years, and it’s quite lovely to read about a life of contentment. What a gift God has given you and what self-discipline for you to accept that gift. Sometimes there is too much fear and doubt to accept the gifts God gives. And too much looking outward with envy and want to ever reach contentment. Cheers to you and your using your God given gifts for good!

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