You are most like your creator when you are being creative.



I’ve always been a fan of the written word. Unless it’s a bio. Then this happens…


But I guess you need to know a little about me, so let’s do this. I’m a writer. That’s probably pretty obvious at this point, but here’s the deal. I studied Creative Writing at Appalachian State, I published a YA book back in 2014, and I even ran a content marketing company for two years. But claiming the title “writer” feels like an honor I haven’t quite earned yet. I’m told that’s pretty normal, so I guess that makes me a real writer after all.

I’m just a girl living in Charlotte, NC on a mission to do big and brave things out loud in order to inspire others who may be just like me.¬†

This site and everything I do is all for the Glory of God.


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I'm a writer, wife, believer and friend. You can usually find me behind a computer screen tapping out all the words.

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