What do you want?

On paper, I had everything I could have wanted in 2017. We moved into a new house, my business was thriving, and Things Looked Good. The thing is, though, 2017 wasn't good to me. But it was good for me. I learned you can get everything you want and still be empty. But...

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Last bite

I had a roommate my last year of college who was the master of "the last bite." She would orchestrate her entire meal, eating in a choreographed fashion so she'd be left with the perfect last bite. Thinking back now, it was probably God's doing that she was my...

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Don’t Make Me Regret This

So I'm just going to say it. Out loud (or through a computer screen, whatever). This post is going to be long, tough, and uncomfortable. But the truth is, I've been hesitant to share certain things in the spirit of staying diplomatic. But Brene Brown offers a great...

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Losing Control: The Reintroduction of Habits

Do you ever just feel like your life is out of your control? Like you wake up, do all the things, and then as you're laying in bed think to yourself what did I even do today? That's been me lately. I've been productive, don't get me wrong. But it seems I've lost all...

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I think you can.

Can I tell you something? Until very recently, I thought I was stupid. I don't say that to be dramatic; I actually believed it. I just thought okay, well, people get dealt a hand in life, and mine just didn't have anything special in it. That's okay, I'll just be the...

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Life starts over again

when it gets crisp in the fall. -F.S. Fitzgerald. Cool breeze. Pumpkin spice candle. Coffee. Was there ever a more perfect way to start the day? I think not. It's been crazy around here this year, friends. Clearly, because I've all but totally abandoned this space. I...

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